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You already know, as a medical facility, it’s imperative that you properly dispose of red bag medical waste in the most conscientious, legal, and safe way possible. 
This not only ensures that the environment and the people handling the waste are kept safe, but it also protects your hospital or doctor’s office from fines levied against you for improper waste disposal protocol.  

One common kind of waste that needs to be dealt with in a specific way is regulated medical waste—also known as red bag waste.

Red bag waste (again, this is sometimes referred to as regulated medical waste) is anything contaminated or potentially contaminated by blood, other bodily fluids, or potentially infectious material.

The most common items include:
Gloves, masks, or gowns worn while examining patients.
Used needles, syringes, scalpels, knives, or other sharps.
Used bandages or gauzes.

If you produce any of this kind of waste, you need to properly dispose of red bag waste. It also needs to be properly packaged, labeled, and transported.

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